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Establishing and managing the internationalisation process for developing the foreign markets.

International fairs

Management of the most important fairs in the world - right from organising the stands to language interpretors to mobilising and facilitating participation of various delegates/agencies.

Business information

Surveys and information about foreign companies; in order to evaluate the risks and identify the potential channels of trade development.


Multi-lingual translation documents and interpreting service (italian, english, spanish, german, indian languages, mandarin, cantonese, korean).

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing service, strategies, graphic design and web design / web development.


Start up and supervision of the import process aimed at the international partners and research for the production of goods and services.

Offices/Foreign Shops

New shops openings /corner / offices / franchising in the places of interest.

risk map

Evaluation of the macro risk of the market and the opportunities for companies that work or wish to work abroad.


Temporary Export Manager Service - We offer our experience within your company to define, create and follow the internationalization process.


Establishment, administration and management of foreign companies, international taxation, legal and fiscal consulting, international contracts, copyright and regulatory affairs.

Partner B2B / B2C

Research and create a business partners network such as sales agents, dealers, importers B2B and B2C model. Organization of Business missions in countries concerned for 1 or more companies.


Tracking and participation to the financing opportunities in Europe and other countries for funds and tenders.


International transport consultancy, certifications, custom documents and packaging.


Organization and Development (teaching and tutoring) of training courses for foreign business and Internationalization of enterprises.


Analysis and research of the legal aspects of the investments abroad, business entities in the country of interest, analysis of the different sectors to invest, taxation and tax incentives for foreign investors.

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  • *Export Model +

    The model defines the best strategy for the development of its product abroad. This model is the result of a complex analysis of the following:

    - The market size including their respective dynamics
    - Check whether a specific market takes account products with a high price and thus higher quality
    - Check the strategies of different competitors
    - Development of concerned market regarding quantities and prices
    - Import level for a specific market
    - The strong link between importation and population markets
    - Changes in the next three years of imports of individual markets
  • **Country Model +

    The model defines the import/exports flows of its product in a particular country. This model is the result of a complex analysis of the following:
    - The size of the market for one specific product in a specific country
    - whether the market of a specific country is sensitive to the quality of a particular product
    - The strategy of various competitors for one specific product in a specific country
    - The level of imports for the market in a specific country
    - Changes of imports in the next three years for one specific product in a specific country
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What do you need to expand the horizons of your business?
Which are the steps to follow?
We offer Import/Export services for companies/associations/government agencies providing useful instruments for development. We create import/export processes, targeted, accurate and reliable.
The process is divided in three phases:

  1. Preliminary phase
  2. Research and elaboration of specific data, the study of the scenario and context analysis.
  3. Phase of launch
  4. Startup of the import/export process controlled and monitored by our staff.
  5. Consolidation phase
  6. Regarding to the complete development of the activities, supporting by our specialized team.


What guides winners?
Certainly a good method and strategy, but where would a plan without support lead? Nowhere. For this reason our team makes an extensive and complete analysis of the International markets, providing useful reports to define a strategy of expansion into new fronts.
gattaca-export-solutions-20The reports identify the best actions to take and the strategies to follow, thanks to the data that show the statistics of the flows of the product in the world and the most interesting scenario about where to invest. These reports are a map for success, a guide to show the right way to follow and the right actions to take.

See an example of Export Model

See an example of Country Model

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